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Sometimes even the most sophisticated file cabinets can get locked either due to misplaced keys or locks gone awry. Whatever the reason, you may have to face huge repercussions in the form of lost business deals or presentation. So, do not get bogged down when faced with such a situation, but call Master Lock Key Store to avail our Unlocking File Cabinet services.

Master Lock Key Store Sarasota, FL 941-281-3147Securing your documents:

Business data in the form of hard and soft copy are kept in file cabinets. Moreover, important computer stationeries, information about the customers and many more files are placed in the storage areas. They are safe away from the prying eyes of disgruntled employees and miscreants. In spite of being equipped with high end technology locks, they are bound to fail due to persistent usage. You can face a sudden lock out situation right out of the blue, but can always get out of it by calling our professionals for Unlocking the File Cabinet.

Locks that we work with:

There are different types of locks that protect the office storage area from intrusion:

Cam-type Lock

Designed on the tubular lock methodology, it can be easily controlled with the help of the sleek rotating bar.

Plunger-type Lock:

It is a simple key and- lock combination that is found in majority of file cabinets.

High-tech Locks

Keyless locks with complex electronic circuitry have now replaced the conventional ones. Modern file cabinets are embedded with keypads that require authorization for locking and unlocking.

Keyless combination:

They are considered to be one of the safest and most secure locks available in the market.

Armed with an array of brilliant and experienced professionals, we are able to deliver exemplary services to the customers. What’s more, you can call us on 941-281-3147 and the resolution is provided right at the door step of your premises. No matter how complex the locking system is, our expert rises up to the challenge and don’t waste even a single minute in resolving the issue. The whole process is finished quickly with minimal disruption to your business activities.

Master Lock Key Store is the number one locksmith service provider in the Sarasota, FL area and can unlock file cabinets with a very high degree of accuracy. Our team ensures that the client is not facing any downtime due to defective locks.

Don’t let cabinet lockouts worry you anymore! Avail our unlocking file cabinet services today!